23 Feb 2012


The new bike, yes ... well new bike. If we use a new bike, which we feel is a sense of comfort and pleasure, especially when what we have long dreamed of a bike-the cravings. Surely we will always care for and clean bike.

Every time we use the bike, before parked for storage must not be missed to keep clean with a cloth (towel), with the intention that the new bike still looks like new and well maintained.

Long story short, the passage of time .. the bike was no longer treated as new at it. Rain and dust are not considered again until the rust.

Ups .. dlu is a story about a new bike .... We continue with the story of the new year ..... talk about the new year, that comes to mind is vibrant, bustling and lively. There was the explosion of firecrackers and fireworks everywhere. Beautiful indeed .. at night we are spoiled with the beauty that we can directly enjoy their friends and relatives.

Regardless of the pros and cons of celebrating the new year. Are we going to treat this new year as a new bike on the story above. We Senan tiasa maintain and care for her in the hope to remain good in everything. If yes, how? what should we keep?, what needs fixing? and can last until when? whether it can until the new year again?

Hopefully our moral behavior is not like the story of a bike and the new year on top. May the new year this time to make our faith and our devotion increases. Amin.

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